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Why Choose Balanced Being Hemp 'n Shrooms

We stock an incredible supply of wellness products because we believe in the power of plants to enhance your health and happiness.  THC Edibles, pre-rolls, vapes and magic mushrooms can be very impactful to mental health and spiritual wellness. Explore the best selection of THC and mushrooms of anywhere in Dallas.


Pre Rolls


Wunder High Potency Mushroom Gummies

Nourish your mind and body with the perfect blend of science and nature with Wunder High Potency Mushroom Gummies. Elevate your mental well-being and overall vitality with this carefully crafted formula of mushrooms and natural ingredients.

Magic Mushroom Gummies

Are you ready to blast off into the stars!? No? What about melting into the couch for a few hours? Whatever your goal is, these TRE House Magic Mushroom Gummies have users covered! Each gummy contains a powerful proprietary blend of Mushroom Extract, nootropics, adaptogens, and tryptamines. Experience intense euphoria, full body relaxation, and mind-melting fun!


I can't say enough good things about these magic mushrooms from Balanced Being. They are strong, effective, and deliver a truly transformative experience. The mushrooms put me in such a good mood, and I felt connected to everything around me. The euphoric feeling and mental clarity were unparalleled. These are perfect for anyone looking to enhance their mood and have a great time. Fantastic product!


Found my new favorite vape pen here! I have been skeptical about the delta stuff that's being sold now, but after trying one of the THC and Blue Lotus pens, I'm sold. Tastes great and gives me the best high, plus the pen is discreet and easy to use any time. Can't wait to grab another one.


Wow, these magic mushrooms are truly magical! I was a bit skeptical at first, but after trying them, I'm a believer. The mushrooms were strong, and the effects were exactly what I needed. Felt exactly like what I was expecting from other mushroom experiences, great body high and visuals. The quality is top-notch, and the customer service from Balanced Being was excellent. Highly recommended!


These magic mushrooms are the real deal. I've tried several different brands, but none compare to the strength and effectiveness of these. Just a small dose was enough to lift my mood and give me a sense of inner peace. Will definitely be purchasing again!